Three Lucky Peach
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Three Lucky Peach

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Peaches being a symbol of longevity are often used when decorating birthday cakes and on birthday cards. Special cakes shaped which resemble this fruit of longevity are traditional birthday cakes.

It is one of the “Three Blessed Fruits” in Buddhism and symbolizes longevity. 

The other two fruits are citrus which symbolizes happiness and pomegranate which symbolizes fertility.

The peach and the rod made from peach wood is also the symbol of Shou. Shou is one of the Three Star Gods; he is the god of longevity.

In Ancient Greece the peach was the sacred fruit of the god of marriage, Hymen. At weddings the guests would chant “O Hymenæus Hymen, O Hyymenæus Hymen”. This was the day the virginal state of the bride ended. Peaches were a symbol of a happy marriage.

In the United States Georgia is often called “The Peach State”. It is the official state fruit of Georgia.  Delaware has the peach blossom as its state flower.

In Korea the peach symbolizes happiness, prosperity, and longevity. It is a true good luck fruit.

Even though it is considered a lucky fruit, there are some occasions the Koreans will not bring peaches to the table.

It is told to have qualities which will drive away the spirits. Whenever honoring their ancestors it is well advised to keep this fruit far away.